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Idaho State Rally
June 15-19, 2022
"Circle the Wagons"
Elmore County Fairgrounds, Glenns Ferry, ID

The Rally took place at the Elmore County Fairgrounds in Glenns Ferry. The theme of the event was "Circle the Wagons". Glenns Ferry is the home of Y Knot Winery and Three Island Crossing State Park. Everyone attending the event had the choice of full hookups.

Opening Ceremonies began with the presentation of the colors.

Director Eldona Lounsbury announced organizational changes in the works.

A representative from the Idaho State Police gave us a very informative presentation about RV Safety.

Bean-bag-baseball games were conducted indoors. Swing golf was played outdoors. There was a lot of participation in table games. But mostly a lot of catching up to do with friends who haden't seen each other in quite a while.

Awards were handed out to the game winners at the closing ceremonies.

Director Eldona thanked Chazz for the splendid job he did to arrange the Rally.

The Color Guard retrieved the colors to close the ceremony and end the event.

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