This document includes both the constitution and bylaws of the Good Sam Club. It applies to all organizations within the Club including all chapters.
Idaho Standing Rules

Last Update (4/28/2021).
Idaho Chapters Standing Rules

The standing rules adopted by each chapter in Idaho are found here.
Teams and Their Assignments

Composition of teams and event planning assignments may be found here.
Last Update (7/12/2021)
Team Leader's Guide

Sets forth the duties of a Team Leader and provides useful information to help him/her perform those duties.
President's Manual

The purpose of this manual is to provide guidelines and to outline procedures in fulfilling the responsibilities of a Good Sam Club chapter president.
Executive Committee Minutes (2022)

Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting at Elmore County Fairgrounds.
State Meeting and Samboree Planning Guidelines

The ideas contained within this document are strictly guidelines for planning a state meeting event or a Samboree. It's always advantageous to look at new ideas and consider what they could mean to your event planning.
Installation Ceremony Procedure

This procedure was recently updated and put into a form for your convenience. Fill in the form with your chapter's name, etc., to customize the procedure for your use.
Proxy Form

In the event that a chapter president cannot attend a state meeting and would like to send someone in his/her place, this form should be completed and brought to the meeting by the proxy. It should be presented to the State Secretary before the meeting.
Application for Chapter Growth Funds

Grant funds are available to help chapters grow their enrollment. Use this form to request funds from the Chapter Growth Committee. You must be logged in for access to the form.
Request For Payment

Use this form to request a payment or reimbursement. Print the form. Fill it out. Sign and submit it to the treasurer.
Parking Manual

Provides general guidelines for the parking committee to follow when arranging and parking RVs during state functions.
Advertise Your Chapter

Most of our chapters are looking for new members and this promotional postcard can help. The link brings up a page with a set of four postcards that you can print or send to a commercial printer. Each page can be cut into four postcards. Post them on bulletin boards at local RV dealerships, grocery stores, etc.
Keeping Your Chapter Alive

This PowerPoint presentation has many good tips for keeping your chapter members active and interested, and for recruiting new members.

Press the spacebar to step through the presentation. Esc to terminate.
Idaho Meeting and Samboree Budget Worksheet

This Excel worksheet is primarily of interest to those who are planning meetings such as a Samboree. It is helpful for managing the event budget. Provided by: Frank Sargent
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