2021 Meet, Greet & Organize Campout Registration

Elmore County Fairgrounds, Glenns Ferry, ID
June 3-5, 2021 -- depart Sunday June 6

Registration for the MG&O Campout expedites the registration process by collecting as much information as possible before you arrive. By registering now, upon arrival you will only need to verify the information provided below and pay your fees to complete the registration process. Registering now will also give the chairman preliminary headcounts and meal counts for planning purposes. Thank you very much for completing this form before your arrival. Questions regarding completion of the form should be directed to the registrar, Roberta McFadden at (208) 322-4266.

The registration cost is $8 per night which includes electric, water and sewer hookups. All fees are to be paid when you finish registering at the fairgrounds.

* (Last Name First ~ Example: Brooks, Garth & Trisha Yearwood)
@ $8.00/night
Handicap Parking Required?
yes     no    
Burger Night:

  • Please bring (1) dozen cookies or other confection for hospitality.
  • Bring (1) large can of chili for Friday night "Dump Chili".
  • If you wish to be parked together you must arrive together.
  • The warehouse will not be available.

* Required Fields (enter N/A if no information is available)

Registration fees are payable when you complete your registration at the fairgrounds.

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